O2 Agency is a brand-aware, tech-savvy, results-focused (hyphen-loving) print and digital creative group.


    Print. Digital. Mobile. Mail. Billboards. Banners. At the heart of everything we do is the idea — and it's the idea that drives action, evokes feeling, provokes response, conveys, coerces, instills, inspires, or informs. The medium matters. But it's the message that counts.


    Making clients happy since 2000.

    O2 Agency is a small digital & print creative group based in New York City. We work in advertising, promotions, branding, and direct response. When we're not hustling off to client meetings — dodging the tourists and taxis, bike messengers and the city's countless go-getters along the way — you can find us conjuring the stunningly brilliant, results-focused creative our clients count on.


    Be smart. Be nimble. Be fast. Be friendly. Be real. And, yes, be affordable. Those are just a few of our guiding principles. Surprisingly, some creative groups (so we've been told) don't care for such common-sense ideals. Pity.


    Why we are different... We're a small shop whose creative hits hard. The kind of creative punch that comes from perfecting the art for years. We give our clients the highest-caliber work possible, and we're serious about getting them the results they need. With no headaches or handwringing. No ego or attitude. We work fast. Adapt quickly. And deliver work on time and on budget. We think proactively about each client's unique needs, and deliver results that positively impact their bottom line. In short, we generate winners.


    So what do you need? New customers? Bigger ROI? More subscribers? Better qualified leads? Happier members? Stronger brands?


    If you like the idea of working with a small agency that can turn on a dime, but still deliver the big-idea... If you are tired of working with prima donnas who are too "edgy" to listen... If you're looking for a team who can deliver a fresh perspective to your marketing goals...


    O2 Agency may be the right fit for you.


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    Just some of our clients, past and present.

    Just some of the top brands we've been honored to work with.

    O2 Agency works with a variety of clients, from the biggest corporate names to small mom-and-pop businesses. This variety is what keeps us energized, and what helps us bring a fresh point of view to our creative.


    Stay focused on the client's goal...

    We help clients sell products and promote services better, smarter, and more efficiently. We help build brands people admire and trust. We turn marketing plans into narratives that engage audiences and drive response. We convert consumers into customers; customers into loyal fans.


    Our creative expertise includes:

    • Digital and print advertising

    • Direct mail

    • Branding

    • Corporate and Product Identity

    • B2B and B2C promotions

    • Sales & collateral materials

    • Sweepstakes, contests, and more


    Our clients sell everything from rock & roll to roadside assistance. They range from Fortune 500 media companies to e-commerce startups, from luxury travel clubs to storied stock pickers. Our clients are in entertainment, sports, fashion, food & drink, healthcare, lifestyle, travel, real estate, media, finance ... and just about anything else you can imagine.


    In fact, the only common denominator among our clients is a need for their marketing message to get heard — to stand out with purpose and impact — in the white-noise din of today's marketplace.


    We help our clients achieve their marketing goals every day. Perhaps, we are the right fit for you?


    For creative that connects.

    Email: newbiz@o2agency.com



    The Creative Team

    James Heathman

    Co-Founder and Creative Director



    Jim is an award-winning copywriter with experience creating superb direct mail, advertising, and promotions for Fortune 500 and big-name clients like American Express, AOL Time Warner, The United States Postal Service, ESPN, Sears, Dow Jones, and HBO as well as for small online startups and nimble entrepreneurial enterprises. A proud “army brat” Jim spent his youth broadening his horizons in places like Germany, Japan, Korea and … uh … Leavenworth, Kansas. With a Bachelor's of Journalism degree from the University of Missouri in hand, Jim moved from the midwest to New York City in 1989 where he has spent his entire career. Jim has successfully written everything from radio spots for rock bands to speeches for CEOs, control-busting direct mail to PSA posters, interactive kiosks, and online games. With a background writing web-based promotions and content, and a deep expertise in the fundamentals of successful direct mail, Jim has helped O2 Agency provide clients with online and print promotions that are as effective and efficient as they are creative and engaging. Jim and his family live in Montclair, NJ. He enjoys traveling, gardening, a good long hike, Yankees baseball, and raising his 3 kids.



    Anthony Whetzel
    Co-Founder, VP of Design & Emerging Media

    Email: tony@o2agency.com
    LinkedIn: Connect with me

    Twitter: @tonyinthecity


    Tony graduated from University of Florida with a Bachelor’s of Design degree from the School of Graphic Design in 1987, and moved to New York before his graduation cap hit the ground. He started his career at Prodigy, the first mainstream consumer-facing online service (where he met Jim). Prodigy built a digital in-house agency before anyone knew what it was. Tony worked in the national advertising accounts division until 1993, and created many break-out concepts for Prodigy's clients. He created online banners and sites for Mazda, Oldsmobile, Sharp, Coca-Cola, IBM PCs and software, and many others. He then spent 2 years at PR Newswire as the Design Manager, building an in-house graphics department from the ground up. Since 1995 he has been self-employed in a variety of incarnations — he co-founded his first company called Imagine Tile, which designed and manufactured a ceramic floor & wall tile product that carried graphic or photographic imagery; then freelanced for 5 years as an art director/graphic designer/consultant for a variety of NYC-based companies and startups; then co-founded O2 Agency with Jim in 2000. At home, Tony and his wife Alita enjoy life on Manhattan's Upper West Side. They love taking their two pomeranians Penny and Parker on romps through Central Park and to local dog runs.


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